GMLP 21/22 Restoring Hope Campaign

Brick by Brick...Drop by Drop


Omwabini, which means rescue, is a community - based project working to eliminate issues related to poverty and AIDS through simultaneous initiatives directed at individual families, community groups and the community as a whole.


Their mission is to work with orphans and vulnerable children, those who are leading families that have lost their parents to AIDS, disease, and poverty...

Continuing George's Charity In Building a Community

Rescue Step 1...

omwabini kids_edited_edited.jpg
George and the Children of Omwabini...

In 2009, George Michael gave £99,000 to Omwabini after watching Reverend Mary Austin, a trustee of the organization in the UK, on the game show Deal or No Deal. After his generous donation, the African AIDS charity was able to help 500 orphans and make a tremendous impact on the small foundation. 

George's Support continues Step by Step...

As of December 2016, George's kind generosity completed the building of 10 classrooms that accommodated 300 High School students. George never forgot the children at Omwabini and was there for them up until his passing. ​


GMLP is committed to Omwabini and will continue George’s Legacy of Charity and fill the needs of its children through this new campaign. It is our honor to lead this project, in George’s memory, and continue its success with your help, the First of Two Rescue Steps..

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Brick by Brick...Drop by Drop

To build 2 home, 1 well $1600 USD.

 Each home supplied with:

  • bedding

  • A goat 

  • A table and chairs are donated

  • Seed & Fertilizer 

  • Protection of Spring Well for clean water

To Date $1,000 raised towards our first goal!
 Continuing to build it's success, our 21/22 goal is to build 24 homes and 12 wells.

Rescue Step 2...

Some of the orphans at the high school.J

Brick by Brick...Music & Art

GMLP is working on plans to execute a special project in George's name sharing his love and gift of music for the children.

More to come and will be announced June in Goring, UK