GMLP will develop this project over time providing different themes, albums, causes, etc. to use as inspiration for your artwork.  We will consider a very broad interpretation of art for this project. So be creative and let George's life work inspire you to continue his love of giving, compassion, faith, hope and love. Original items created from the heart will be considered for the project. Create sketches, paintings, collages, photographs, sculptures, lyrics, poems, stories, streams of consciousness, etc. for consideration. Use your imagination, people.

I admit this project came to me in a very clear and powerful dream.  It was all about George and his legacy of charity.  He was repeating to me that "It's all about the lyrics!"  I remember days later sitting quietly in my studio and thinking about several times when George referred to the lyrics of his music.  He reminded us in many interviews that his lyrics were experiences penned from his life. Another time he revealed if you wanted to know him, all you had to do was read the lyrics to his songs.  Finally, he told us that if we were happy we listened to his music, but if we were sad we would listen to his lyrics.  

So being deeply saddened by his passing, I listened to the lyrics penned for his songs for quite a while until I decided that those lyrics needed to help me, his fans and ultimately his charities realize some good from such a sudden and painful loss.  I decided upon George Michael: Lyrics for a Life. I ask you his fans to now take your turn at creating something inspired by dear George and become an integral part of a series of art books filled with your work to continue the legacy of his charities.



Here is your opportunity to stand up for all that George believed in and what he was about.  Let everyone try something, we are not looking for perfection or masterpieces.


We are looking for inspiration.


Thank you in advance from me Jo, creative director, GMLP,

and of course dear George. 


The George Michael Legacy Project, Inc. 

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