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Book proceeds will benefit...


Your stories will become an integral part of this very special compilation of work published in a book, June 2022, which will benefit Terrence Higgins Trust, supporting their  HIV/AIDS community outreach and fight to remove the stigma. a cause which George supported throughout his life. 

Your stories in print!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see how

George's music and lyrics inspired people around the world.

Well this is your opportunity to share those stories, your personal impressions and interpretations. A wonderful collaboration with Artist/Author Marty Bruckner of Spaghetti Toes, creating exclusive new illustrations for this project.

*Cover Illustration & Publication 2022


The Moment

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What memories do you have when heard Careless Whisper
the very first time?

The Inspiration

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In the lyrics, words of love

Inspirations of hope

Where memories become legendary 

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New Art Illustrations by,
Artist/Illustrator Marty Bruckner of

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Several new Illustrations inspired by George Music and Lyrics

A Collaboration exclusive to GMLP

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Happy beginnings...

For every entry submitted you will receive this momento bookmark from the iconic GM "Faith" video.  Art Illustration by Esther Jojart

A Note from Jo...

I admit this project came to me in a very clear and powerful dream. 

     It was all about George and his legacy of charity.  He was repeating to me that "It's all about the lyrics!"  I remember days later sitting quietly in my studio and thinking about several times when George referred to the lyrics of his music.  He reminded us in many interviews that his lyrics were experiences penned from his life. Another time he revealed if you wanted to know him, all you had to do was read the lyrics to his songs.  Inspired by this, what would be better than seeing Lovelies from around the world sharing their inspirations related to his amazing lyrics and Music. A Tribute for all to be a part of.