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Projects Past.......A Legacy Continues

Continuing a Legacy 

Our purpose here at The George Michael Legacy Project, Inc., is to provide unique ways to assist the many charities that George unconditionally supported throughout his life.

Below is our journal of some of the many projects that benefited a variety of charities under the GMLP Umbrella of Hope.

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Spinning The Wheel of Memories

On Sat. Oct. 21st I was proud to represent GMLP at the Resource Fair for the Out of the Darkness walk for the AFSP LA/Central Coast chapter. The Santa Monica Beach and the Pier made a breathtaking backdrop.



It was incredible to see the many fans who came by our table. They were curious and enthusiastic for what we were doing; they also thanked us for doing this in his honor. A musician who appreciated George’s work also stopped by. We had 

One fan said that her son was a bigger fan than she was. I loved seeing her exuberance as she exclaimed, “I wish he was here!” I made sure she left with some goodies for him.

I was amazed by the reception. So many thanks and so much appreciation for what we had found in George’s honor. People also loved hearing about our wonderful experience in the UK this past summer and what we did over there as an expression of his legacy of charity. Walk participants who didn’t necessarily know much about George also stopped by out of curiosity and left with a greater appreciation of the man, his compassion, and his message of giving back.

AFSP was also a wonderful and gracious host and have been amazing to work with this year. They’re grateful for our commitment to the cause, and the feeling is mutual.

I think George would be very proud of what we’re doing here and to know that his message of charity was heard and that we are proud to be answering the call. If that day was any indication, we are on the correct path and have come away inspired to persist in spreading his message of hope and compassion.

   For The Children...


2018 George's Celebration of Life and Charity 


Melissa's Corner...

A Look Back in Time
TeamGMLP Celebrating George's Life & Legacy of Charity

Our Team thanks everyone for your kind words and participation in our first-anniversary raffle and celebration.  To us, everyone is a winner! It's been a wonderful year with much more to come as we continue our commitment to furthering the celebration of George’s philanthropy.


The George Michael Legacy Project, Inc. a nonprofit corporation will share a clear message that promotes charity and help for those in need. On our one-year anniversary, we renew that message and conviction to the causes which can benefit from a helping hand.


 Team GMLP looks forward to celebrating George's Life and Legacy of Charity globally and also bringing the celebration here to the US  through the wonderful charities and causes he so selflessly supported. We celebrate all those helping hands in his memory.

Sallyann, Jo, Kelly, Ann, Melissa & Teressa

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