St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Goring UK


Organ Restoration Fund

George spoke affectionately about how much he loved his country home and the community of Goring. A place he could live out a peaceful life, escape from the world's noise, and enjoy being a fellow neighbor.  

In his back yard, George got to hear the bells and music coming from St. Thomas. George admittedly not a religious man, was spiritual. We all know that George loved Christmas, decorated, and celebrated the season. His great wealth afforded him the opportunity to assist his community when a need arose. 

The History

The organ at St Thomas’ Goring-on-Thames is 150 years old. Back in 1870, it was a magnificent instrument of the highest quality but, with no major work carried out on the instrument since 1930

Restore & Rebuild 

"Nearly all the 1,481 pipes will be carefully cleaned and regulated before being put back into service on new re-designed soundboards. The wind system will be replaced, and we are planning to add four new stops - including a bassoon and trombone to give a wider, brighter and richer sound."

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We are grateful for this opportunity to give Lovelies around the world several options to play a part in a special project in George's memory and his beloved home village.

Please note: in the UK, no shipping will be available from Barbras Antique and Bric a Brac shop.

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GMLP sought ways to assist St. Thomas raise funds to support the rebuild and restore its organ.  The restoration specifically planned will leave a fine instrument for the community's future generations.  

 GMLP has created project fundraisers and special items for purchase displayed on the GMLP website and social media platforms. In 2020 GMLP entered a special collaboration with Bararas Antique Bric-a-Brac in which items are displayed on a shelf at the shop. 100% of all sales are donated to the organ restoration.