For the Love of Swans

Swan Lifeline is the oldest registered charity devoted entirely to the care of sick and injured swans in the Thames Valley and surrounding area.

Rescue, Heal & Care


A Bundle of Hope

George became a Patron of Swan Lifeline in 2005. He had recently moved to Goring-on- Thames and had swans in the river at the end of his garden. A neighbor, who was involved with the charity, asked him if would be interested and he immediately agreed.

For the years that George was a Patron he showed great generosity and Swan Lifeline will be forever grateful for his interest and input.


George's Memorial Garden

Swan Lifeline... was founded in 1986 by a small group of people involved with swan rescue and treatment for many based in Windsor.

Initially working from private homes, in 1992 Eton College offered the group a lease of Cuckoo Weir Island. And there a treatment center became home. To date, Swan Lifeline has rescued and treated more than 30,000 swans.


Changing from their 1988 registered charity in 2014 to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO),

Cuckoo Weir Island includes a dedicated treatment center, intensive care unit, indoor pens and outside pens for recuperation, decontamination facilities, and specialist cygnet enclosures.


Whenever possible, minor injuries to swans, including de-tackling, are handled at the site of the rescue. If further treatment is needed or the injuries cannot be dealt with, the swans are brought back to the center where they can offer specialized treatment.

They work closely with a local veterinary group, Forest House Vets,  whose experts can carry out major trauma operations.

As we have learned at GMLP, swans get themselves into all sorts of difficult situations – becoming tangled in fishing line or being stuck behind an 8ft fence. So we want to raise funds so that the many volunteers that perform rescues of these lovely swans have the essentials they need to carry with them at all times. You can't predict when the need for a rescue will occur. 

These are just some examples of Bundles of Hope that Swan Lifeline can utilize every day...
Medical bundle*
Goal Per Bundle $25
*Provides equipment and medicines for our intensive care unit
Feed for A Day*
Goal Per Bundle $12
*Three different types of feed are used for balanced nutrition. 
Cleaning  Supplies*
Goal Per Bundle $40
*To keep the intensive care extremely hygienic to limit infection. They go through a huge number of products weekly like disinfectant, mop heads, and detergent.

& Release

 Our combined efforts will provide a wonderful Gift of Hope in George's memory.

This is why we do what we do!

George's Legacy of Charity Carries On...

- Caroline Simpson, 2019 Trustee Swan Lifeline

Swan Lifeline has had a charitable status for over 35 years and during that time George was a Patron. Today we continue to practice our mission of rescue, rehabilitation and release of swans in The Thames Valley and surrounding areas from our base near Windsor Castle with our ongoing remit that our charity exists in perpetuity and is greater than any one person or one thing. We believe this ethos is what has created our successful mission to care for swans in any circumstance for so many years.

We currently employ the most amazing young, dedicated and enthusiastic team, along with
wonderful help from volunteers and friends. With over 700 rescues a year they are always busy. I have been a Trustee of Swan Lifeline for five years, having worked for many years in the charity sector. When I received an email from The George Michael Legacy project offering help and support for our wonderful charity I was intrigued. I am in that particular age bracket where George and his music was terribly important to my life. I responded to that first email and was instantly enthralled by the wonderful response I received.

Our ongoing relationship with the amazing ladies at The George Michael Legacy Project is a joy. We  so appreciate their friendship, input, visits, fundraising, understanding, and amazing enthusiasm. George would be so proud ladies. Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. 

- Caroline Simpson, 2019 Trustee Swan Lifeline