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"Charity to me is not something which should be done occasionally or as a yearly event.  I think charity is not even necessarily about money...

it's about generosity." 

George Michael

Today, GMLP, Inc. reaches a milestone and we begin our 5th year of sharing George’s legacy of charity and hope. Over the next month leading up to George’s birthday celebration, we will share our loving progress, some surprises and a look into our future plans. Come join us for a trip down memory lane.


Every Legacy has a story...

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"His Legacy was he loved and gave with all he had, 

just like his Music, his lyrics shared with no questions asked."





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Raised to date $3365
Raised to date $2575
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Like George, GMLP supports his message of giving back, his dedication for the welfare of children, animals and support in removing the stigma of mental illness & HIV/AIDS.


Your gift of $12 , a dollar for each charity, will help support the wonderful work they do 365 days a year. GMLP is here for them, for you, and continuing George Legacy of Charity. 

For  each donation you will receive, a GMLP Bookmark,

& forget-me-not seed paper enclosed with our thanks.


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  Sharing Hope Around the World
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Welcome to Outreach Home Health in

Muskogee, Oklahoma 

Their team has extensive experience in seamlessly transitioning patients from an acute hospital setting, inpatient treatment or clinic to home-based healthcare. Patients are also referred to them from physicians, community agencies, senior communities, past and current clients and direct outreach. We understand the nuances of providing care in the home setting and consistently deliver the highest-quality patient experience through skilled nursing and skilled therapy services. Our focus is for every patient to receive the best care while in a comfortable, familiar and safe environment.

In- home care promotes activities that improve quality of life, is more comfortable for patients, lowers risk of infection and lessens the likelihood of future hospitalizations.

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Zoe Edwards

Head of Animal Welfare


"A massive thank you to The George Michael Legacy Project for their loyal support of Mayhew. Your kind and consistent support has contributed towards the care of stray and abandoned animals during their stay in our facilities and your donations over the years have also made a positive difference to the lives of dogs of people experiencing homelessness with food, collapsible bowls, dog jackets and reflective collars."

Michael Lamma

VP Development & Field Mgt.

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"The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is honored to partner with The George Michael Legacy Project, Inc., through the fundraising campaign, George Michael’s Campaign of Hope. We are grateful for any support of this campaign, as it will help fulfill our mission of saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide"

Bernice Williams 

Former Fundraising Officer 

“We are very grateful for the support that the GMLP gives us.  It will help us to  ensure that to people severely affected by mental illness get the help they need to get their lives back on track."

Wheel Orchard Car Park,
Goring, Reading RG8 9HB  UK

I first met Kelly from GMLP (I think in June 2018 on the George Michael birthday weekend). We talked about the charity and we stayed in touch. We soon hatched a plan to help GMLP raise money in Goring for the various fantastic charities raising money to remember and carry on the legacy of GM. In June 2019, GMs Birthday week, all 4 lovely ladies arrived in Goring for a week. They set up a table of the most amazing George memorabilia outside the shop. Within 4 hrs. they had made £2000 all towards the various charities. Since then Barbara’s and GMPL have worked together to keep the momentum going. Although GMLP is based in America, they are renting a shelf in the shop and have been sending George Memorabilia to Goring for me to sell to the lovelies.


100% of the profit has gone towards St. Thomas’s Church in Goring. That truly is giving something back to Goring. So far they have raised a staggering total of $2575 (includes £800 from the Shop). This is absolutely amazing! Even in the middle of a world wide pandemic, the shop has been mainly closed and lovelies have not been able to travel here to visit. Nobody could envisage what the next year and a half was ahead of us. Never in a million years. For two years in a row we have not been able to hold the yearly GM birthday celebrations in Goring but despite all of that we have stayed strong and not given up. Kelly, Jo Ann, Sallyann and Ann are like family to me and we shall finally meet when the time is right to hug, celebrate George and raise loads of money amongst his fans and lovelies once again for the church x

Nicole Bateman
Barbaras Antique and Bric a Brac Shop

Lovelies Around the World


Kim M. USA

"I fell head over heels for George & WHAM back in the early to mid 80's, and nothing has changed since, and it has  continued to grow over time as he went on to become a solo artist. His beauty could not be denied, and his talents as a songwriter, producer and singer were "other worldly!" His lyrics  told his personal story, and also spoke to and for so many of us who have gone through life, experiencing the ups and downs, loves and broken hearts, etc. . His kindness to and love of all living things, plus his philanthropy behind the scenes was proof of his caring heart . He was a "man for all seasons & reasons!"  You all at GMLP have done such an outstanding job of continuing his legacy of caring & sharing to causes and charities he so strongly felt important. It means the world to me to be a small part of that-knowing I can continue to contribute in ways that are meaningful, and in so doing, continue to honor George Michael. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful platform to do so! You work so hard, and I know it helps so many in need-please know how much it means to me-and all who love George. xxx "  

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Debbie H. USA

Happy 5th Anniversary to our wonderfully talented and creative "Lovelies" that George would be so proud of!! I have enjoyed this journey with GMLP for a pretty long time and I get so excited when I see the new ways they come up with to bring such honor to George and at the same time raise money for charities. GMLP is my go to!! My "George Michael" pay it forward group I am honored to be a part of this organization and blessed at the same time with some beautiful treasures I have received All in George's name and memory My friendships and wonderful memories that I have made in the past 5 yrs have fill my heart with such joy and love His legacy will continue....until the end of time


Sophia S.  Australia 

Hi girls, I am honored to be a part of the GMLP extended family. I know without a shadow of a doubt that George’s name, reputation, philanthropic endeavors and music will be held in the highest esteem within the group. I trust that all monies contributed are appreciated, treated with respect and redirected in George’s name to the highest good of his beloved charities. Bless you and yours

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