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"Charity to me is not something which should be done occasionally or as a yearly event.  I think charity is not even necessarily about money...

it's about generosity." 

George Michael
It isn't how much we Give...but how much love we put into Giving
  Peace of Mind...
  allows positive mental health

Don’t be ashamed to share your story

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Like George, GMLP supports his message of giving back, his dedication for the welfare of children, animals and support in removing the stigma of mental illness & HIV/AIDS.


Your gift of $12 , a dollar for each charity, will help support the wonderful work they do 365 days a year. GMLP is here for them, for you, and continuing George Legacy of Charity. 

  Sharing Hope Around the World
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a message of hope will inspire others

2 for $10

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a global need

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For  each donation you will receive, a GMLP Bookmark,

& forget-me-not seed paper enclosed with our thanks.

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Remember the Music

Since 1977, The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a non profit organization which embraces a broad spectrum of measures to complement the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife and its habitats in Kenya.

Working across Kenya, projects related to this mission include anti-poaching, safe guarding the natural environment, enhancing community awareness, addressing animal welfare issues, providing veterinary assistance to animals in need, rescuing and hand rearing elephant and rhino orphans, along with other species that can ultimately enjoy a quality of life in wild terms when grown.

Bringing Charity Filled with Hope Around the World 
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Children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries.
Omwabini Orphange supports and cares for victims of HIV/AIDS
The church in Goring is a friendly, community-based congregation.
Rescue, Treatment, Release
Reduce disability & deaths by cardiovascular disease & stroke.

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GMLP Restoring Hope...

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Tribute Funds Remembering 

George Michael

A Living Tribute - seedling trees planted in areas of restoration from fire or to enrich the environment for future generations of wildlife. Choose a state you wish to have it planted (natural forest park, natural reserve or nearest area)  and receive a certificate in memory of George's Legacy of Charity.

$9.99 per seedling w/certificate 
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George's Legacy of Charity Carries On...

- Caroline Simpson, 2019 Trustee Swan Lifeline

Swan Lifeline has had a charitable status for over 35 years and during that time George was a Patron. Today we continue to practice our mission of rescue, rehabilitation and release of swans in The Thames Valley and surrounding areas from our base near Windsor Castle with our ongoing remit that our charity exists in perpetuity and is greater than any one person or one thing. We believe this ethos is what has created our successful mission to care for swans in any circumstance for so many years.

We currently employ the most amazing young, dedicated and enthusiastic team, along with
wonderful help from volunteers and friends. With over 700 rescues a year they are always busy. I have been a Trustee of Swan Lifeline for five years, having worked for many years in the charity sector. When I received an email from The George Michael Legacy project offering help and support for our wonderful charity I was intrigued. I am in that particular age bracket where George and his music was terribly important to my life. I responded to that first email and was instantly enthralled by the wonderful response I received.

Our ongoing relationship with the amazing ladies at The George Michael Legacy Project is a joy. We  so appreciate their friendship, input, visits, fundraising, understanding, and amazing enthusiasm. George would be so proud ladies. Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. 

Michael Lamma

VP for Development & Field Management

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Bernice Williams 

Former Fundraising Officer

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is honored to partner with The George Michael Legacy Project, Inc., through the fundraising campaign, George Michael’s Campaign of Hope. We are grateful for any support of this campaign, as it will help fulfill our mission of saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide"


Lovelies around the World

Anne W. - United Kingdom

First of I found wham all those years ago, then our darling George went solo. George literally saved my life with his music, he opened my eyes and heart that there is kind people out there. Then I started joining lots of George Michael group's and I found GMLP, every single person either in GMLP and the groups offered love and you can rely on. Every single person has impacted beautifully on my heart and consequently my life. And it all started with our legand George Michael. Thank you ALL. Love Ann xxxxx

Terri F. - United States

Since joining the GMLP family, not only has it given me the opportunity to help others (animals and humans alike) in their time of need, but I have also gained a whole other family (and it doesn't hurt that this family shares my love of George!).

Connie D. - United States

It is such a challenge for me to be brief in describing the impact that George Michael’s life and legacy has left on the world. First he brought us together with wonderful music that made us happy and dance, and gift all by itself.  He lived the life he sang about, giving generously of his money and time often anonymously.

All of his fans know that we have been loved by George Michael. We know that that love and kindness are meant to be shared, and that is what the George Michael Legacy Project does. The incredible women who founded GMLP give so selflessly to continue supporting causes that meant so much to George, and really to all of us.

From the day I came across GMLP, and saw those “Guilty Feet” socks, to being a donor (and a raffle winner!), to the gracious notes of gratitude and support from Team GMLP, I feel like family. Team GMLP, you are succeeding in your mission. You are keeping George’s Legacy of Charity alive and well.

XO Connie


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