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Get Involved 

Sharing Your Talent 

If you have a particular talent and are

a fan of George Michael who has been 

inspired by his music or his legacy of charity. Maybe a painting or craft with you interpretation of George. Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions and or work you would like to  may like to donate for use in a fundraising project. 

Raffle Tickets

Several times a year, in addition to our tribute funds and bundle wish lists, GMLP has theme raffles with genuine memorabilia items of George from one of our very own trustees personal collections, several donated items from Lovelies around the world, as well as items created from our own merchandising team. 

Special Events

These are times when Lovelies will be invited to join in celebrating George Legacy. This will be a specific event where ticket sales will be sold with proceeds to a specific charity. 2024 planning is happening and will be announced shortly with advance ticket purchasing due to limited space. Subscribe to be in the know and look on all our social media platforms for information.

Team GMLP welcomes your donation. We solely are responsible for all expenses incurred in preparation for any event or special project. There will be special promotions announced when there is specific fundraising for GMLP, either by raffles or direct donations. a percentage of the proceeds will be utilized for a specific purpose for example celebrating George's Birthday weekend in Goring each year.

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