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GMLP Projects 

One Act of Kindness at a Time...

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 Welcome new Puppies 


GMLP Partners in Hope

Gift Giving with Love

St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Goring UK


Organ Restoration Fund

George spoke affectionately about how much he loved his country home and the community of Goring. 

In his backyard, George got to hear the bells and music coming from St. Thomas. We all know that George loved Christmas, decorated, and celebrated the season. His great wealth afforded him the opportunity to assist his community when a need arose. 

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Restore & Rebuild 
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"Nearly all the 1,481 pipes will be carefully cleaned and regulated before being put back into service on new re-designed soundboards. The wind system will be replaced, and we are planning to add four new stops - including a bassoon and trombone to give a wider, brighter and richer sound."

  In 2020 GMLP entered a special collaboration with Barbaras Antique Bric-a-Brac in which items are displayed on a shelf at the shop. Proceeds from sales are donated to the organ restoration.


For the Love of Swans

A Bundle of Hope...


George was a Patron of Swan Lifeline in 2005. He had recently moved to Goring-on- Thames and had swans in the river at the end of his garden. A neighbor, who was involved with the charity, asked him if would be interested and he immediately agreed.

For the years that George was a Patron he showed great generosity and Swan Lifeline will be forever grateful for his interest and input.


George's Memorial Garden

These are examples of Bundles of Hope that Swan Lifeline can utilize every day...
Medical bundle
Feed for A Day
Cleaning  Supplies

Rescue, Heal & Care

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A pen with a roof cover to help stop the spread of avian flu with a pond and shed for rescue swans.

With a team of young people with educational needs and autism from a local agricultural college, this will help this part of their community to feel involved, have a purpose and improve their wellbeing and mental health.


As of December 2016, George's kind generosity completed the building of 10 classrooms that accommodated 300 High School students. George never forgot the children at Omwabini and was there for them up until his passing. ​


"Deal or No Deal"

In 2009, George Michael gave £99,000 to Omwabini after watching Reverend Mary Austin, a trustee of the organization in the UK, on the game show Deal or No Deal. After his generous donation, the African AIDS charity was able to help 500 orphans and make a tremendous impact on the small foundation. 

George and the Children of Omwabini...
To Date over $3,000 raised 
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 Each home supplied with:

  • bedding

  • A goat 

  • A table and chairs are donated

  • Seed & Fertilizer 

  • Protection of Spring Well for clean water

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Omwabini, which means rescue, is a community - based project working to eliminate issues related to poverty and AIDS through simultaneous initiatives directed at individual families, community groups and the community as a whole.

Their mission is to work with orphans and vulnerable children, those who are leading families that have lost their parents to AIDS, disease, and poverty...


Brick by Brick...

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