Continuing George's Legacy of Charity

"Even though it's become a really cliched thing to see musicians working for charity, it's still effective and it still has to be done"

- George Michael

GMLP has been working behind the scenes contacting Artist/Illustrators around the world that we can create collaborations of Artwork for fundraising projects. Along with Marty Bruckner of Spaghetti Toes, we have Two wonderful new Artists joining the GMLP family. They have shared their talents and inspirations of George supporting his Legacy of Charity. Exclusive to GMLP we are proud to have them working with our team and looking forward to exciting new projects in the near future.

Sharing Your Charity...
As a supporter of the GMLP shop, you should know that the remaining proceeds from sales are donated to one of the featured charities of hope.
We ensure that we obtain the best prices for creating items to minimize costs to you the customer; but we also always ensure that at least a minimum of 10% is donated, an industry standard. We have generally exceeded 10% consistently.
- Note on Shipping & Handling Charges -
- Please be advised GMLP needed to increase shipping & handling costs to both Domestic and International packages. However you will be refunded monies if your package comes in at a lower cost. GMLP has no control over the cost of shipping from the USPS. But we will do our best on our end!
(S&H includes postage, mailing & packaging materials)
Buyers Protection


The George Michael Legacy Project, Inc., (GMLP), is a legally filed 501(c)3 nonprofit incorporation in the United States. GMLP is used solely as nonprofit incorporation for donations under an umbrella of causes George supported throughout his life. It is a nonprofit. It has no affiliation with George’s family or estate. The work available for purchase on the website includes Artist Inspired items, not a primary source for raising donations but is available to satisfy the tremendous demand for collectors. Our work is used to inspire philanthropy on the part of his fans.


The Nonprofit will feature an Artist Showcase containing original pieces. We also conduct live raffles. We are not a manufacturer and therefore must use a third party to create the items for use. All proceeds from sales in excess of production costs are donated in full to designated charities. Proceeds from auction pieces and donated work will result in 100% funds for donation. Separate projects and tributes are also on the website. 100% of these funds are directly deposited with the charities in honor of George.


GMLP, Inc. claims no copyright to any of these images, which is retained by the respectful owner(s). All proceeds from sales are directly donated to the nonprofit clarity indicated.

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